lørdag den 10. november 2012

PowerShell Provider fails with Remove-Item

This one was driving me nuts. Looked at tons of examples, tried every kind of combination of code, and tried goggling all kinds of variations and just couldn’t get this to work.

I’m working on implementing a PowerShell Provider and got to the part where I want to implement more than just Get-Item, Get-ChildItem … Clear-Item, Copy-Item, Move-Item, Rename-Item, Set-Item all works without any fuzz … but Remove-Item would constantly throw an PSNotSupportedException and in PowerShell

Remove-Item : Provider execution stopped because the provider does not support this operation.

You see this error if you don’t Override the function, but I was doing that, and that was kept me going around in circles. It never hit me, it could be another function I had to override to make it work *DOH* … If I also override RemoveItemDynamicParameters that would get hit, and PowerShell would respect my Parameter() decorations just fine, so this made no sense to me…. So, like in my former blog post I finally had enough, I override all functions and starting removing them one by one .. and that’s when I hit my jackpot. All I had to do was override HasChildItems.

Protected Overrides Function HasChildItems(path As String) As Boolean
' make code to check if item is an container or not
Return True
End Function

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