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Managing CRM 2011 with powershell

New updated version to better handle kerberos authentication, support for CRM online, and CRM 2011 and 2013. read more here
I see a lot of hits from search engines where people are searching for stuff related to Microsoft CRM 2011 and powershell. So I decided to upload the snap in a wrote about, a few months ago.

The problem with CRM 2011 is that the powershell commands that comes with CRM 2011 only works on the local machine. but even worse, you can do anything from the commands except doing basic configuration of the installation it self. obvious stuff like adding users and changing roles isn't supported.

So here is a PowerShell Snap in (works as module too) that does exactly all that. It works on any machine that have .NET 4.0 and powershell 2.0 installed. Just copy the \debug folder to C:\Windows\System32\WindowsPowerShell\v1.0\Modules\CRM2011.Module open powershell and type “import-Module CRM2011.Module” and your ready to rock.

  • Add-CRMUserRole
  • Disable-CRMSystemUser
  • Enable-CRMSystemUser
  • Get-CrmLanguage
  • Get-CrmOrganization
  • Get-CrmOrganizationLanguage
  • Get-CrmRole
  • Get-CRMSystemUser
  • Get-CRMSystemUserSettings
  • Get-CRMUserRole
  • New-CRMCustomerAdminRole
  • New-CrmOrganization
  • New-CrmOrganizationLanguage
  • New-CRMSystemUser
  • Remove-CrmOrganization
  • Remove-CrmOrganizationLanguage
  • Set-CrmOrganization
  • Set-CRMSystemUser
  • Set-CRMSystemUserSettings
  • Update-CRMSystemUser

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  1. Hej Allan. Prøver desperat at få disse moduler til at virke. Kan du ikke lige kontakte mig på bla@mindzet.com? PFT.